Speedtec Zilhouette build car with Ford V6 engine

 Tubular frame made by Zilhouette and developed by Speedtec motorsport
 Empty weight < 1000 kgs
 Ford 4.0 litre V6 engine with 360 bhp developed by KMS
 KMS engine management
 Drenth sequential gearbox with power shift
 Drexler differential in BMW Z4 housing 2 plate Sachs racing clutch
 Moton 3 way dampers
 Aim pro dash
 80 litre ATL fuel cell
 Updated cooling for engine water and oil
 Power steering hydraulic
 Coolers for gearbox and differential
 Front and rear stabilisers
 Front tyres 235/610/R17 and rear tyres 265/630/R17
 Full flat aluminium floor with diffuser larger front splitter and dive planes
 K&N special made air filters
 2 sets extra sets of rims, 1 set with slicks and 1set with rain tiers
 Automatic fire extinguish system
 Air jack system with hose, tap, coupler for (liquid) compressed air, including compressed air bottle
 Petrol filling bottle with special connector (fits directly on the car) including stand
 Extra differential
 Extra direct connect on the outside, of the extra start battery, including battery, hand carry box and cable

 Can drive in Super sport Class of Supercar Challenge and challenge for wins and championships

To see the car in action, use link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DuIa59EDCU

Martin West info@zilhouette.nl +31(0)634200210