Porsche 964

For sale:

Beautiful Porsche 964 Racecar in red. Exterior as well as interior in good shape and ready to race. A lot of the original parts are replaced for light weight parts. For example the doors, bonnet, frontwings are lightweight and the dashboard is carbon. This racecar includes a FIA approved roll cage.

Engine specs:
– 964 RS engine;
– OEM injection;
– Custom exhaust manifold with Cargraphic silencer;
– G50 gearbox;
– Limited slip differential with 1:8,32 ratio;
– CEA short shifter.

Car specs:
– OEM fuel tank;
– Intrax springs and dampers (brand new);
– KAAZ adjustable lock plates;
– Front brakes: Big Red/ Rear: OEM;
– Three sets of wheels 18 inch with tyres;
– New Sparco seat with seatbelts;
– New Lexan rear side windows;
– Detachable steering wheel;
– AIM solo GPS laptimer;
– Rennline pedals;
– Two different rear spoilers: Wail, Turbo tea tray.

Maintenance is done by a professional race service company Beek Auto Service, The Hague.

Autolux info@autolux.nl +31352340911