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    Circuit Information

    DriversDays organizes track days (test days), these track days are characterized by an open pit lane. Below you will find general information that has every track day apply. If we have additional information on a day we will send out the rules to our drivers.


    • Each day begins with registration; Start number pick up / hand in waiver form (if not send at front)
    • Briefing is mandatory for all participating drivers and starts around 8:45. This will be held in the pit lane in front of the pit box of the organization. Make sure you get there! If a transponder is necessary for driving on the circuit, those will be handed out after the briefing. It is also possible that we send a briefing at front.

    Rules and safety

    Strict noise standards are at hand on circuits and adhered to by the owners of the motor racing circuits themselves. The maximum noise level is for the following circuits:

    Zandvoort 92 dB at the track

    Zolder 98 dB at the track

    Spa Francorchamps 102 dB at the track

    If the car you are driving is exceeding the noise level, you will be removed from the circuit.

    Starting numbers and so on
    Each participating car must be equipped with starting numbers. You can use your own numbers of you can be pick up number at the registration desk of the organization. If you didn’t send your waiver form at front you can fill out one at that moment as well.  You will receive a bracelet.  You have to show this bracelet at the end of the pit lane. If multiple drivers drive one car, we have to get a waiver from each driver. Without a bracelet you are not allowed to drive on the track. The start numbers must be pasted on the car before you go on to the track. 


    • Have respect for each other and for each other’s material, it’s not a race.
    • Follow the instructions of the organization.
    • Stick to the rules. Each driver must have a (road) driver’s license or race license to participate.
    • Respect flag signals.
    • Wearing a helmet is required (make sure the helmet is also fastened), wear seatbelts and keep windows closed. Wear adequate clothing. The best is a racing overall. If you don’t have one, wear fire resistant clothing (cotton/wool), long sleeves / trousers are required. We advice for your own safety not to wear polyester or other synthetic materials.
    • The roadway in the pit lane must remain open (for emergency vehicles). Don’t park in front or behind others their pit box. 

    Flags and codes

    • Black and white checkered flag. The finish flag. The session is ended. Slow down. Stop overtaking and drive slowly into the pit lane.
    • Yellow Flag. Something has happened. You must immediately reduce speed and should definitely not overtake. Be prepared for anything. After a green flag you may resume speed.
    • Blue flag. There is a faster participant behind you, be attentive to the fact that you will be overtaken. Give each other space.
    • White Flag. Something has happened; there is a slow moving vehicle on the track (pace car or broken car). Caution but overtaking is allowed. Be prepared for anything.
    • Red flag. The session is stopped. You must immediately reduce speed and should definitely not overtake. Drive slowly back into the pit lane. Be prepared for anything. Continue driving in such way that you do not block any emergency vehicles. Wait for further instructions in the pit lane.
    • Red / yellow striped flag. Oil or other slippery liquid on the track, which could cause danger: Slip Hazard, be aware of reduced grip.
    • Black Flag. You have to leave the track, reduce speed and complete your round. Drive into the pit lane and stop at the track day leader. Ask the leader what’s wrong or what you should do. The black flag is almost always given in combination with a pit board with the number of the respective car.
    • Green flag, is givenas a sign that an earlier warning of danger (for instance the oil or yellow flag) no longer applies. The green flag indicates that the situation is safe again, only after passing the green you may resume speed again (don’t resume speed by only seeing the flag in the distance).
    • Your car number shown on the pit board, normally shown in combination with the black flag. You have to leave the track, reduce speed and complete your round. Drive into the pit lane and stop at the track day leader. Ask the leader what’s wrong or what you should do.


    • When approaching a slower driver wanting to overtake: the car in front of you has always precedence. Never overtake, unless it is clear that you have sufficient space.
    • If you are overtaken by a faster driver: give the other the ability to pass and stay on your line.


    • This is a track day, not a competition / race day.
    • Dangerous driving will result in exclusion from the rest of the event, without a refund of participation fee.
    • pit boxes can be rented. DriversDays can arrange this for you. Please contact DriversDays ahead of the event for this. 
    • Only participating cars (with number) may be found in the pit lane. In the early morning it is allowed to bring your gear to your box through the pits with non-registered vehicles. Cars, trailers, vans etc. must subsequently be parked out width the pit area.

    We hope you enjoy our track days!